Sybarite Nights Christmas Party 2015

This Special Gallery Cabaret event coincides with Leyden Gallery's delectable Winter Salon Show and doubles as the Festive Christmas Party - so do not miss a fabulous evening of music & performance like you've never seen in a gallery before!

Leyden Gallery are pleased to present this popular community happening at their prestigious gallery venue – as always, it promises to be a “spectacular event” “filled with music and laughter” “Best gallery cabaret, ever!”

Booking is advisable as places are limited for this popular & fun night of entertainment

Hosted by the wickedly funny Lindsay Moran who is our own compere beyond compare. Along with a line-up of some of our regular performers, including Greg Williams, Dr Martin, and our resident king of crooners Michael Myers.

Specially invited for this celebration event are:

Ensemble x.y – whose last exquisite soprano and flute performance at the gallery shattered glass and left ears tingling– this time they will assemble to give two solo performances on Cello and Clarinet, plus a cello soprano duet that promises to be nothing less than spectacular

The stunning French artist Sarah Manesse brings even more X factor

Seasonal choral from the rockin Vyla Rollins

Greg Williams - poet singer/songwriter of mellifluous angst

Regular as clockwork Dr. Martin #StrawberryPatchSally

Resident king of crooners the legendary Michael Myers #LegendaryCrooner